"scarta la tua memoria, scarta il tempo futuro del tuo desiderio; dimenticati entrambi, in modo da lasciare spazio ad una nuova idea. Forse sta fluttuando nella stanza in cerca di dimora, un pensiero, un'idea che nessuno reclama..." Bion

Lying to the one you love: The use of deception in romantic relationships Tim Cole DePaul University

The goal of this research was to explore the use of deception
in romantic relationships and relate the use of such behavior
to relational outcomes. Three possible explanations underlying
the use of deception in romantic relationships were
tested. It was expected that deception would be related to the
reciprocal exchange of information, the desire to avoid punishment,
and individuals’ attachment beliefs. Two hundred and
fifty-six individuals (128 couples) completed questionnaires
regarding their own communicative behaviors, as well as their
partners’ behavior. Support for all three explanations regarding
the use of deception was obtained. The results are discussed
in terms of their theoretical and practical implications.
KEY WORDS: attachment behavior • deception • reciprocity

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